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Our Solution

What ever the business needs ,  soft office increases efficiency in your business process. It is easier  for your team to interact with customers , vendors and other contacts. Soft office gives you complete information on your marketing activities like monitoring  enquiries , quotations , sales orders. Soft office is useful for manufacturing and trading companies . Different companies price lists can be maintained. From the entry level to exit soft office monitors all the events in the business process.

Customer Relation

Customers information like maintaining Addresses , Phone Numbers , Fax Numbers, Email-id’s , Website Information , Categorizing the customers , Contact Persons with their Contact information is maintained. Soft office maintains the history all the events like Visitors Management , Phone Calls, Post Inward and Outward , Enquiries , Quotations , Sales Orders , Customer Support activities like Sales after Service , Material Outward , Invoicing , Receipts etc. Complete  correspondence with the customer is maintained.

Enquiries & Quotations
Price List of the Items is maintained. Enquiries can be saved, quotations can be issued. Customer wise enquiries , quotations can be reported. Terms and conditions given to the quotation can be recorded. Executive Wise, Area Wise , Sector or Group Wise Enquiries , Quotations can be generated.

Sales Orders
Receiving sales Orders against your quotation or direct orders. Maintaining item details, Terms and conditions , acknowledgement to customer , clarifications letter if any , stock status , case sheet , Bill of Material for Manufacturing Items , Raising Purchase Orders against the Sales Orders , Production Indent against the sales orders , Raw Material Issues , Production Process, Testing , Quality Assurance , Material Inward to Stores , Material Outward to Customer with Invoice or DC . Complete Sales Cycle is recorded and can be monitored at all levels.

Manufacturing Process
Enabling your people to better manage resource planning, production, and every aspect of your manufacturing process helps ensure smooth production cycles and rapid response to changing customer needs—helping your business gain a competitive advantage.

Raw Material Purchases , Raw Material Issues , Bill of Material , Finished goods, Production Process, Material Inward & Outward , Invoice & DC list etc can be maintained.
Soft office provides point-of-sale solutions that enable small and midsize retailers to be competitive in today’s retail environment. Easy to use, affordable, and reliable, thousands of retail employees in dozens of verticals depend on point-of-sale applications to help them manage inventory, control cash, reduce costs and improve customer service.

HR Management
From joining to retirement or resignation of employee, soft office manage your most valuable assets—your people—more effectively. Complete Employee Bio data is maintained . Time Schedule of your employees , Pay roll of your employees , monitoring the works , delegating & scheduling the works can be done with soft office

Financial Management
Whatever the business size or industry, all the financial statements like Profit & Loss Account , Balance Sheet, can be generated.  Statutory reports can be generated.

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